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Long Lengths Up To 200 Ft. (61m) XtremeFlex RKP Heating Tapes For Freeze Protection Of Pipes, Heated Hoses For Spray Foam Insulation, Chemical & Material Processing And Power Generation Applications

Flexible RKP (XtremeFlex) Heating Tapes-Guide

RKP Flexible Heating Tape

Silicone Rubber Flexible RKP ExtremeFlex Heating Tape

Installation of Flexible RKP Heating Tape On Pipe

Review Industries For Heat Tracing:
The growing demand for heat tracing systems from several industries such as oil & gas, chemicals, and power & energy, increasing demand for energy-efficient self-regulating cables, replacement of steam heat tracing with electric heat tracing systems are some driving factors for the growth of the electric heat tracing market.

Self-regulating cables are most widely used for various applications such as freeze  protection and process temperature maintenance, floor heating, and roof and gutter. These cables are easy to install as they can be cut to any length in the field or during the design process, minimizing waste and increasing installation flexibility since the heating circuit is infinitely parallel. Hence, self-regulating cables are more energy-efficient cables than any other type of cables.

Oil & gas held the largest share of the electric heat tracing market in 2016. In the oil & gas industry, heat tracing systems are used for various purposes, namely offshore and onshore drilling, downhole heating in midstream processing plants. The increase in projects of new pipelines and expansion of old pipelines provide opportunities to the players in the heat tracing system market. Moreover, many end-user industries are replacing conventional systems, such as steam tracing, with electric heat tracing systems as they more energy-efficient, which is one of the major driving factors for the market growth.
Most industries such as oil & gas, power & energy, chemicals in the USA require heat tracing systems for freezing prevention and proper fluid temperature maintenance applications.
XtremeFLEX RKP Silicone Heating Tapes are a new solution to traditional heat trace cable; the perfect solution for challenging applications. The RKP tapes have an ultra-thin profile with a superflexible 1/4" (6mm) bend radius. The RKP heating tape has a low watt-density of 6W/ft (20W/m) to provide safe operation and avoid overheating. No additional temperature controller is required because a built-in pre-set thermostat continuously monitors and controls the temperature output of the heater. The complete unit is fully encapsulated in silicone rubber to provide an extremely flexible, durable, and moisture resistant heater. The unique flexibility provides exceptional surface contact for maximum heat transfer and effectiveness around systems that have complex curves, bends, and contours. The heater is also pre-terminated with a power cord and electrical plug to provide quick and easy power connection. RKP silicone heating tapes are a true plug-and-playheater that is both easy to install and easy to maintain. This design makes the RKP an extremely versatile heater for a wide variety of indoor/outdoor installations.
   Plug-and-play heater with built-in pre-set temperature control
   Standard lengths up to 200ft (61m)
   For Indoor & Outdoor Use
   Exceptional flexibility and durability
   For use in indoor/outdoor and wet-area locations
   Ideal for freeze protection and process control heating applications
   Rapid thermal response
   Suitable for electrically conductive surfaces
   Low profile design
   Custom sizes and designs available
  Built-in controlling thermostat:
  70°F or 120°F (21°C or 49°C)
  Lengths up to 200ft (61m)
  Moisture and chemical resistant
  Silicone rubber extruded construction
  Power density: 6W/ft (19.7W/m)
  Power cord: 5-foot (1.5m) - 120VAC includes standard 2-prong plug (NEMA 1-15) - 240VAC has crimped ferrule terminated leads
  Ingress Protection Rating: IP54
  Custom temperatures and lengths available
RKP ExtremeFLEX Flexible Heating Tapes with PreSet Thermostat: Specifications & FAQ's:
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Food and Beverage
General Manufacturing
Heavy Industry
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Public Utilities
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