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Watlow® Replacement Heaters. Watlow® Thermal Circuits Including Kapton (Polyimide) Heaters and Silicone Rubber Heaters Circuits. Can supply both Etched Foil and Wire Wound Circuits for Medical Devices, Instrumentation and Industry

Watlow Replacement Heaters, Watlow® Flexible Heater Alternatives Including Kapton Polyimide Film & Silicone Rubber Heaters

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NPH engineers, designs and can supply Watlow ® flexible replacement heaters. Both kapton polyimide film and silicone rubber thermal circuits are available. Kapton film circuits and silicone rubber heaters can be custom manufactured for any application requiring fast, focused and even heat distribution to heat their part(s). Many temperature sensor options are available for these light flexible heaters. Both integral (within the circuit) and external temperature sensors can be used with these thermal circuits. Etched foil and wire wound technologies are available for silicone heater configurations. In addition, several closure or fixing options are available for both types of heaters. Consult with one of our engineers and we will be happy to provide invaluable solutions and answers to any your flexible heater questions. We are happy to provide our products and expertise to small, large and OEM customers from R&D, prototyping to production orders.

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