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Silicon/Silicone Rubber Heaters
Best Silicone Flexible Heating Strips For Sale & Custom Silicone Rubber Heater Circuits for Industry
What is Silicone Rubber? Guide & Tips.
Silicone rubber (and applications requiring flexible silicone rubber circuits) has many uses in commercial and industrial applications. A rubber like material with many formulations silicone rubber is an inorganic synthetic elastomer offering a wide range of service temperatures (-60 to +230 °C) along with other unique characteristics and advantages. Some of which include special electrical properties with excellent dielectric and insulation characteristics. Further, silicone rubber heaters have excellent water/moisture, oil, solvent and chemical resistance along with great flexibility conforming to almost any shape with very good thermal resistance. Besides the above, silicone rubbers' flexibility, thin profile and low mass make it an excellent choice for etched foil or wire wound silicone rubber circuits.
Guide: Silicone Rubber Band, Strip And Mat Heaters-Product Description:
Typically, silicone rubber heaters consist of several layers of silicone rubber sheets that are bonded together through heat and high pressure. Often the silicone rubber mat heater has a fiberglass grid which is visible on the surface and provides reinforcement of the sheets. Alternatively, it is possible to make the surface of the silicone electric heater smooth ( ie. hide the surface of the fiberglass grid) by adding a thin layer of silicone. A uniformly wire wound resistance web (known as wire wound silicone mat heater construction) that covers the entire surface of the heater is then embedded within the layers of silicone rubber. Wire wound silicone rubber heaters are ideal where R & D prototyping for difficult and challenging applications is required. Additionally, silicone rubber heaters can be manufactured using etched foil track technology. With custom etched foil silicone rubber circuits, chemically etched resistive foils are used. The advanced computer designed etched foil circuit pattern is then laminated or bonded between thin layers of silicone rubber. One of the benefits of custom etched foil silicone heater track technology allows for the heater to transfer its energy with fast, precise and uniform heat distribution patterns.
Etched Foil Silicone Rubber Heaters
Etched Foil Silicone Rubber Heaters-Thermostats, Fuses & Accessories


Custom Etched Foil & Wire Wound Silicone Rubber Designs Silicone & Kapton Heaters-Thermostats, Control Devices


Flexible heaters are extremely versatile and operate efficiently in many environments.

Some distinct advantages and tips of silicone rubber mat heaters are:

  • Moisture, chemical, Oil and solvent resistance provides longer heater life
  • Wire wound or etched foil construction allows for: A thin light profile heater providing low thermal mass and therefore rapid heat transfer with even heat distribution
  • Ease of installation - Can be vulcanized or bonded to your part or fastened with velcro, hooks and other available closure technologies
  • Outdoor exposure (-60 to +230 °C)
  • Fabricated to conforms to almost any size or shape your components and or your equipment may require
  • Multizone or multicircuit designs allow for complete, precise temperature control
All custom/bespoke silicone rubber designs are built to order, but rush delivery is available. In most cases, NPH can deliver custom silicone rubber mat heaters within 48-96 hours. All NPH silicone rubber flexible heaters are available with custom design modification. Custom designs are welcome. Please contact us with your requirements.

Specifications, Manuals, Technical Letters & Tips:

Applications Guide: Silicone Rubber Heaters
Standard/Custom Silicone Rubber Heating Strips & Flexible Silicone Thermal Circuits-Application Tips
  • All types of heating applications for electronic components - LCD displays, photocopiers and photographic equipment, ATM's, computer equipment, vending machines
  • Heating of Aerospace and Defense Instrumentation-Satellites, Spacecraft, Aviation Instrumentation and Satellite Dishes
  • Semiconductor Wafer Processing
  • Autoclaves, Incubators and Sterilizers
  • Evironmental control and maintenance of electronics - in telecommunications equipment (such as antenas, microvave repeaters and back-up battery systems), electrical panels and enclosures
  • Medical Applications: Including Imaging, Diagnostics, Analysers and MRI Equipment
  • 3D Printer Heaters, Cameras and Optical Equipment
  • Industrial Applications such as heating of Electronic Enclosures, Heaters for motors, cold storage equipment, freeze protection
  • Applications in the Energy Industry - Fuel Cells, Battery Systems, Power Meters, Transmission Switches
  • Applications requiring a flexible shape or design
The uses for silicone heaters are infinite as they can suit any application requiring surface heating up to 200°C. Their suitability for arduous conditions has been proven in applications from polar expedition to space exploration.
Thermal or Temperature Control For Silicone Rubber Circuits:
NPH silicone rubber heaters can be supplied with factory fitted sensors and switches to suit all types of instrumentation. Available from stock are PT100's, J, K and T type thermocouples, bi-metal thermostats and thermal fuses. We also fit customer specified thermistors and other resistance temperature devices as well as extruded pockets for customers to fit their own sensors. Separate mechanical or digital thermostats can be supplied for process control.
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