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Pressed in Brass Coil Heaters - Hot Runner Coil Heaters:

Pressed in brass coil heater for hot runner nozzles NPH pressed in brass coil heaters for small manifolds

Pressed in Brass Nozzle Coil Heater

Pressed in Brass Coil Heaters- Small Manifolds

Pressed in brass coil heater

Pressed In Brass Coil Heater With S.Steel Sleeve

Pressed In Brass Coil Heater With Teflon Leads

Review Pressed In Brass Coil Heaters Description:
National plastic Heaters' pressed in brass coil heaters deliver the benefits of cast in brass coil heaters and eliminate known problems associated with the casting process. Originally designed for the mass spectrometry market, NPH pressed in brass coil heaters have measured 8% faster responding than cast in brass heaters. The machined path in the brass for the heater enables exact repeatability of heat profile. By never exposing the coil heater to molten brass there are no risks of shifted heater coils, or destruction of the thermocouple junction.

Once the brass component is designed and in stock, NPH pressed in brass coil heaters can be delivered in 7 business days or less.

Flexible design options include internal, external "wound in" or external slotted type J or type K thermocouple

For OEM applications NPH can heat profile a pressed in brass coil heater specifically to your nozzle.

National Plastic Heaters Hot Runner Coil Heaters-Benefits and Advantages:

  •     Custom wound from straight stock for same day shipments
  •     Flexible cold section
  •     Higher watt density than a cable heater
  •     Resistance wire centered for more repeatable heat profile
  •     Sealed transition head for moisture resistant applications available
  •     NPH can wind coil heaters from stock and ship same day or build to order in 7 business days

 Technical Specifications: Hot Runner Brass Tube Coil Heaters:

  •     Profile: 1.8mm(.071") Thick X 3.2mm(.126") Wide
  •     Thermocouple: Integrated type J or type K
  •     Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1382 deg. F
  •     Sheath Material: Cr-Ni Steel
  •     Maximum Total Straight Length: 3000mm (118.11")
  •     Length Tolerance: Heated +/-1%; Unheated +/- 2.5%
  •     Maximum Voltage: 250VAC
  •     High Voltage Stability: 800 VAC
  •     Wattage Tolerance: +/-10% (contact hotset for special)
  •     Minimum Bending Radius: 8mm(.315")
  •     Watt Density: 38.7 Watts/In2
  •     Insulation Resistance: >=5M Ohm @ 500 VDC (cold)
  •     Leakage Current: <= 0.1mA @ 253 VAC (cold)
  •     Length of Unheated Zone: 65mm(2.56"); 25mm(1.00") Transition Head
  •     Standard Connection from Stock: 48" Teflon Leads.

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