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Temperature Sensors-Plastic Industry Thermocouple & RTDs
Plastic Industry Thermocouples & RTD's

Thermocouples & RTDs - Description Guide

Thermocouples & RTDs are used in a variety of applications. Thermocouples are the temperature sensor of choice primarily in plastics extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding and blown film applications. The thermocouples favorable characteristics include good inherent accuracy, suitability over a broad temperature range, relatively fast thermal response, ruggedness, high reliability, low cost and great versatility of application. Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are commonly used in applications where accuracy and repeatability are important. Platinum RTDs have very repeatable resistance vs. temperature characteristics over time. RTDs are more expensive than thermocouples and are not suitable in high vibration and mechanical shock environments. At higher temperature conditions RTDs are more stable than thermocouples.
Applications Review-Plastics Industry Thermocouples Including European T/C's
  • Plastics Industry
  • Industrial Process
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging
  • Food Processing

Plastics Industry Thermocouples-Configurations Guide- Below:

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Guide-Plastics Industry Thermocouples & RTD's | TC Color Codes

Adjustable Depth Bayonet Thermocouple with -Stainless Steel Armour

Adjustable Depth Bayonet Thermocouple with -Stainless Steel Overbraid

Fixed Bayonet Thermocouple-Straight Run -Thermocouple

Fixed Bayonet Thermocouple-45* Bend -Thermocouple

Fixed Bayonet Thermocouple-90* Bend -Thermocouples

Compression Fitting Thermocouple-1/8 NPT Brass/ -S.Steel

Compression Fitting Thermocouple-1/8 NPT Brass/ -S.Steel-45* Bend

Compression Fitting Thermocouple-1/8 NPT Brass/ -S.Steel 90* Bend

European Thermocouples-Adjustable Depth with -Stainless Steel Overbraid

Adjustable Pipe Clamp Thermocouple Adapter

GaskeType Thermocouple-S.Steel Braid/Fiberglass

Ring Type Thermocouple-S.Steel Braid-#10 Ring/Stud

Plastic Nozzle TypeThermocople

General Use Probe Style Thermocouple with Type -"J" Jack

General Use Thermocouple with Lead Wire -Straight -With Type K Plug

Shim Stock/Under the Band Thermocople

Fixed Immersion Nozzle Thermocouple-Various Lead -Options

Plastic Nozzle TypeThermocople with Rotating Bolt

General Use Thermocouple with Probe and Lead -Wire-Straight, 45* & 90* Bends

Metl Bolt With Spade Lugs & Flex Armor, Type K

Metl Bolt With Plug & Flex Armor, Type J

Blank Bolt-1/2-20 UNF-2A Thread-3" and 6" Long

Metl Bolt With Standard Jack, Type J

Metl Bolt With BX Connector & Flex Armor, Type J

Metl Bolt With Standard Plug, Type J

Metl Bolt With Standard Jack & Flex Armor, Type J

Adjustabe Metl Bolt With Standard Plug, Type J

Adjustabe Metl Bolt Thermocouple With Plug Type

-Pipe Clamp T/C With Metric and Imperial Bayonet Adaptors

-Type K T/C with 90*, 1/8-27 NPT S.Steel Compression Fitting

-Pipe Clamp T/C with Silver sodered Junction On Clamp

-MI Type K Thermocouple with 90 *, 1/8 -27 NPT Compression Fitting

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