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Petrochemicals often require appropriate temperatures in order to maintain there viscosity in process applications as well as in harsh external environments. Flanged immersion heaters are often chosen in order to apply a relatively moderate amount of heat (BTU's/hour) that can penetrate the heavy lubricant evenly across the tanks, containers or reservoirs. Bitumen often uses flanged heaters to help with the extraction process in the oil industry. Circulation heaters are used when circuits of flowing liquid exist and users are looking for minimal heat applications. The liquid starts off at ambient temperatures but the residual heat that already exists in a well insulated circuit is assisted with bursts of gradual cyclical heat from a heat source i.e the flanged immersion heater.
Using precise instrumentation such as a thermocouple or an RTD, users can often reach the "set point" or temperature required with efficient use of clean energy while achieving their goals. Temperature Control Panels are also used with process and high limit controllers to help prevent higher temperatures that could result from caking material that sticks onto the heating elements. Low watt densities assist with the preservation of heating elements but a good control that shuts off the elements in the presence of high temperatures is an effective means to preserve both the heated medium as well as the heat source eg. your NPH flanged heaters.
We design, engineer, supply and distribute industrial grade process electric heaters, including flanged immersion heaters, circulation heaters, pipe insert, duct, over-the-side, air process, screw-plug immersion heaters and integrated skid system heating systems with process control panels that feature the cutting edge of available technology for most industrial applications. NPH supplies custom electric process heaters, temperature sensors, controllers and systems for trouble free service in process plants, heat transfer systems, reactors, tanks and reservoirs, lube and pump systems, air dryers, process gas heating and other applications.
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