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Miscellaneous Electric Heaters Guide

Mica Ring Heaters

Ring Heaters

Mica Strip Heaters with Various Lead Exits

Mica Insulated Strip Heaters

Finned Strip Heaters with Tubular Elements

Tubular Heater With Rectangular Fins

Ceramic Insulated CHannel/Strip Heaters

Ceramic Insulated Strip Heaters with and Without Fins

Silicone and metal enclosure heaters for ATMs and electrical panels/cabinets

Strip Heater, Tubular & Silicone Rubber Enclosure Heaters

Band heaters with tubular elements for Plastics Industry Applications

Band Heaters with Tubular Elements

Edison screw base heaters for cabinets and other industrial applications

Edison Screw Base Heaters-120V, 50W

Cabinet warming enclosure heaters, electrical panels and ATMs

Silicone Rubber Enclosure Heaters

Coil heaters for the Die casting applications, hot runners and injection molding

Die Cast Coil Heaters

High Temperature ceramic fiber band heaters and ovens

Ceramic Fiber Heaters and Ovens

Ceramic Bobbin Heater offers a large surface area to heat liquids or semi-solid materials such as water, oil, wax, fats, and bitumen. These heaters are mainly used for direct heating of air and indirect heating of liquids and gases where the element is fitted into a pocket in the process tank or system so that the element may be replaced without draining down the system or vessel.
Ceramic Bobbin Heaters
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