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NPH Can Design, Engineer And Supply Kapton/Polyimide Heaters Manufactured By Minco�/Watlow�. Don't Be Left In The Cold Call NPH For Your Minco�/Watlow� Kapton Polyimide Replacement Heaters

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National Plastic Heater, Sensor and Control Inc. empathizes with you when previous vendors like Minco® and Watlow® just to mention a few, decide they no longer want your business for kapton polyimide film heaters. Usually, this is because of small quantity PO's, i.e. low volume orders (between 6-10 pcs) and perhaps changes in vendor manufacturing  policy and direction. For these reasons we encourage you to contact NPH for your kapton polyimide film heater needs. If you are frustrated from this experience, we understand your concern and challenge in finding new replacement manufacturing sources for small quantity kapton polyimide heater orders. Nine times out of ten you will find that we can usually provide these OEM replacements at reasonable prices and lead times. We can tell you that we are serving many customers both small and large with their various applications that require flexible heater circuits and other flexible heater elements including kapton etched foil, silicone rubber (wire wound & etched foil) as well as polyester thermal circuits. You will have a professional and pleasant experience working with us. Give us a try and find out for yourself, let us prove our commitment to you and your success.
Below our History, Strengths, Services and Markets for Kapton and other Flexible Heaters:
Since 1995, National Plastic Heater has engineered, produced and distributed high quality kapton (polyimide), silicone rubber and flexible electric heater circuits as well as temperature sensors and temperature control systems for a diverse group of customers. NPH flexible heater circuits are currently a critical component for major manufacturers operating in industries such as heating of electronic components- ATM's and photocopiers, heating of aerospace instrumentation-satellites and spacecraft, heating of electrical and mechanical enclosures/panels, medical imaging, medical diagnostic instruments and analyzers, medical semiconductor processing, foodservice, military technology, automotive and a variety of other industries and applications.

With the development of a set of committed partner's and patrons, we have been on the threshold of creating  exclusive and top quality sources for our products, through joint ventures, manufacturing partnerships and such synergies. National Plastic Heater will thus tie up the product strengths of its supplier partners exclusively for its customers. We are driven by performance rather than size, which enables us to enhance our competitive edge.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities are diverse and flexible to satisfy our customers' requirements. NPH  products range from standard off-the-shelf designs to complex thermal systems. Our combined engineering experience supports our customers with flexible heater circuit solutions from concept through production. State of the art design software allows our staff to provide dynamic visual enhancements of prototype designs prior to manufacturing.

National Plastic Heaters manufacturing partners have been manufacturing kapton (polyimide) and other flexible heating circuits since 1972, specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom silicone rubber flexible heater mats. This experience along with high quality products and superior customer service has made us one of North Americas market leaders in surface heating systems. All NPH products are manufactured in UL, CSA and VDE approved manufacturing facilities in accordance with an ISO9001:2008 quality system.

Due to the increasing demand for NPH products and services, our manufacturing partners have an ongoing program of investment in plant and resources. This has enabled us to offer quality products with a fast delivery for both small quantity and large batch orders.
Whether you require a unique flexible thermal component designed for a tough application or a more common part designed
to meet the competitive demands of your industry, National Plastic Heater is ready to be your business partner
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We Ship Our Kapton & Process Heaters To OEM’s & Industry World Wide

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