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Guide: Cartridge Heaters, Temperature Sensors, Controllers & Heat Tapes for The Medical, Laboratory & Analytical Instrument Industries

Silicone/Kapton Heaters & Heat Tapes for Laboratories

Heaters and Temperature Sensors for Infant Incubators

An infant incubator is used mainly to keep a baby's core temperature stable at 37 degrees Celsius. Most incubators also humidify the air and can add extra oxygen.
The core temperature of the human body needs to be kept at a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. If the temperature goes too high or too low, then the organs can be damaged and illness or death can result. Premature babies (babies born before they are due to be born) have undeveloped nervous systems and also lack the energy to regulate their own temperature, so their temperature needs to be maintained by an incubator. We can only give small babies a small amount of food for growing. We want them to use all of their energy for growth rather than wasting it on keeping warm, so sometimes we use the incubator to help them grow faster.
The mattress where the baby lies is completely enclosed by a clear plastic canopy. The temperature in the incubator is increased by a heater element below the mattress. A motor driven fan near the heater draws in fresh air through a filter and blows it past the heater, warming the air. The air is directed up through slots into the area above the mattress and circulated around. The air temperature is monitored by temperature sensors and is adjusted by controlling the current to the heater. The incubator can also monitor the baby's skin temperature by using a skin temperature probe, which is stuck onto the skin. The user can either set the incubator to control the temperature of the air or to control the temperature of the baby's skin (servo control mode). Supplementary oxygen can be taken in by an oxygen inlet connection where it is mixed with the fresh air through the filter. The humidity can be increased by the use of water baths (passive humidification) or by dripping water on a heated element (active humidification). The baby is cared for through special access doors called arm ports.


Custom Temperature Controllers

NPH offers complete microprocessor-based, multi-function custom temperature controller packages that are designed for user friendly interface. Time, temperature, humidity, speed, and motion can be monitored and controlled in a single package. Typical applications for our temperature controllers have been found in packaging, medical, foodservice, and a host of other process applications that require precision temperature control of multiple variables. Our real value is our ability to deliver exactly what you want in a temperature control package. Our engineering assists you from concept through prototypes and production.

Heating Mantle & Temperature Controller

Custom Temperature Controllers

Heating Tape with Controller

Instrumentation used in the preparation and analysis of organic and inorganic materials requires precise control of process temperature. Depending on the type of sample, this process temperature may vary from 37�C (98.6�F) for analysis of biological cells to over 500�C (932�F) for analysis of inorganic materials. In addition, differences in incubation periods arise. Also, in medical devices, heating gases or liquids enhances patient comfort and aids recovery. Understanding all of these application requirements and having a broad base of potential thermal solutions gives NPH the ability to provide the best thermal solution for most applications.
National Plastic Heater produces many different types of electric heaters for the Medical Industry. In particular Hemodialysis machines (kidney dialysis machines) use cartridge heaters to help provide gentle thermal heat transfer to delicate fluids. NPH cartridge heaters use high grade stainless steel sheath (316), an alloy known for its corrosion resistive properties. Small tubular elements are used in hospitals and infant clinics to help keep babies warm and comfortable in small incubators or cribs. Tight temperature control is required for these heat applications .
Cartridge heaters with internal thermocouples and or RTD's (resistace temperature detectors) provide accurate temperature readings of up to 1 degree, allowing doctors and medical staff to ensure patient comfort even at the earliest stages of life.
Cartridge heaters with internal thermocouples are also used to heat interior hospital beds and infant beds. With their unique dielectric strength qualities, cartridge heaters offer excellent heat transfer capabilities that improve heat up time for patients. Medical equipment use NPH cartridge heaters, tubular heaters for respiratory therapy equipment as well. NPH manufacturers cartridge heaters for radiologists and X-ray technicians that require high limit thermocouples to help regulate temperature. These heaters are made of the highest quality materials (i.e. stainless steel) to help prevent contamination and impurities to form. Silicone or epoxy seals are also used at the lead ends of cartridge heaters to offer further protection in these applications.
The laboratory environment offers numerous applications needing heat such as graduated cylinders, beakers, flasks, etc. NPH heating tapes, blankets, and jackets provide the flexibility and uniform heating to fit all your laboratory heating needs.Silicone rubber heaters are used in medical laboratories in an effort to reduce condensation and humidity that can form with patient samples. They are used in the base of a dish, near the sample tubing and provide efficient heat transfer for all mediums. Silicone rubber heaters are also used to provide efficient heat transfer to medical components and are easily replaceable during machine maintenance. They come with mechanical thermostats that are integrated into the silicone pad and have teflon leads custom made to customers required length.

Analytical Instrumentation

NPH has over 57 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing miniature to larger precision heating, sensor and control assemblies for analytical instrumentation and laboratory equipment applications.


Clinical Diagnostics Instrumentation

NPH's thermal assemblies are custom designed to achieve the optimal thermal response for critical incubation and analysis of biological samples.


Medical Devices

National Plastic Heater understands the criticality of delivering fluids and gases to patients at precise temperatures for patient care and works with medical device manufactures to rapidly deliver thermal solutions that enhance the performance of their devices.


Immersion Tubular Heaters for Infant incubators

Tubular immersion heaters are commonly used in radiant and immersion heating applications such as infant incubators where a formed tubular heater warms the air flow and an immersion tubular heater assembly vaporizes water to provide humidity. Tubular heater assemblies are also the preferred solution for laboratory sterilizers and environmental chambers.
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