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Industrial Oven Solutions Offering Custom Energy Efficient Halogen Ovens For The Thermoforming, Packaging And As Heaters For Paint Curing, Printing And Drying. National Plastic Heater Specializes In The Engineering And Supply Of Ovens, Control Solutions And Components For A Vast Array Of Other Industries As Well. Medium Wave Quartz Infrared Ovens.

Halogen Ovens and Panels

Halogen Ovens and Panels
Halogen Ovens and Panels
Custom Halogen Ovens and Panels
Short (Near) Wave Quartz Tungsten/Halogen Emitters: 
Short wave electric infrared heating elements employ a high intensity tungsten filament to transfer heat to the part. This heating element is sometimes referred to as a halogen lamp heating element due to the halogen cycle. This halogen short or near wave heating technology has several features and related benefits:
          Quartz Tungsten and Halogen fast response (obtains top temperatures in seconds), high intensity tungsten filament    
              heating  lamps emit medium to shortwave infrared radiation.

          Built into special heat reflector systems, the emitters in these infrared ovens allow instant heat, precise control and
              very effective directional heating. Short wave infrared halogen oven and furnace systems are able to selectively heat   
              specific regions of the part.
          The tungsten filament used in Quartz Tungsten IR heat emitter is the porcupine or star type coil, which can be   operated  1500°C (2732°F), with peak wavelength emissions of approximately 1.6 microns. Having excellent structural rigidity, this coil is designed to minimize light output and maximize IR emission thereby increasing IR radiant efficiency.
          Quartz Halogen emitters are filled with Halogen gas to allow the supported tungsten filament to reach temperatures high as 2600° (4712°F). The emitter has peak wavelength emissions of approximately 1 micron, are  extremely penetrative, and allow rapid on/off cycles.
            Controllable Output: Output of our short wave electric infrared oven and furnace systems can be controlled precisely to
               match the temperature requirements of the process.
            Environmentally Clean Heating: The short wave electric heat source is environmentally clean and efficient.

            High Heating Efficiencies: Up to 88% of input electrical power is converted to short wave radiant energy (heat).
Quartz Halogen & Quartz Tungsten Options:

           Lead Styles
           R7s or various lead lengths
           Quartz Tungsten Elements:
           QTL – Quartz Tungsten Long Emitter
           QTM – Quartz Tungsten Medium Emitter
           QTS – Quartz Tungsten Short Emitter
           Pillared Elements:
           QHL – Quartz Halogen Long Emitter
           QHM – Quartz Halogen Medium Emitter
           QHS – Quartz Halogen Short Emitter
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