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NPH's Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controllers. Featuring 1/16 DIN, 1/8DIN & 1/4 DIN models. Selectable Fuzzy Logic or auto-tune PID control. Universal inputs and outputs for precise process control for the Process, Plastics, Oil, Gas, Chemical, Food Service and Packaging Industries

Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controllers Guide

  FuzzyLogic DIN Temperature Controllers-Heat Only, Heat & Cool Units with Alarm (s)

Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controllers - Description Review

The "FuzzyLogic" 1/16 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controllers can easily be configured to provide precise control. The advanced Smarter Logic "Fuzzy" allows processes to be controlled better than ever before, with virtually no initial overshoot or temperature variations.

As the control detects a process disturbance the fuzzy logic continuous decision making function quickly returns the process value to the setpoint. An optional dwell timer enables an event to be timed on or off when preset temperature is attained. In addition, self-diagnostic capabilities, sensor linearization and cold junction compensation are all performed by the powerful, single chip microprocessor.

"FuzzyLogic" 1/16 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature

Controllers Features:

  • 48mm by 48mm Smarter Logic for superior control
  • Automatic tuning of PID parameters
  • Splash & chemical resistant sealed mylar front panel
  • External lockout, PID heating and PID cooling (1/8 & 1/4 DIN models)
  • All control parameters front panel adjustable
  • Auto/manual operation, F or C display, 3 year warranty
  • Selectable input, optional alarm or on/off delay timer
Applications Guide-DIN Digital Temperature Controllers
  • Process Control
  • Freeze Protection
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Heated Nozzles
  • Hot Runners
  • Platen Heating
  • Injection Molding
  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Heat Sealing

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