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1/8 DIN Fuzy Logic Digital Temperature Process Controllers

1/8 Din FuzyLogic Temp. Controller
1/8 DIN Fuzy Logic Temperature Process Controllers
Fuzzy Logic 1/8 DIN Digital Temperature Controllers-Description     
FuzzyLogic 1/8 DIN Temperature Controller Heat/Cool Controllers are designed to provide precise control with a quick and easy set up procedure. Microprocessor technology provides all these features plus reliability and economy. LED index indication allows full viewing and selection of parameters.

The dual display allows set point and process value visibility at all times. An advanced software algorithm automatically calculates all PID parameters to eliminate complicated manual tuning efforts. Automatic tuning can be bypassed if manual tuning
is preferred. An open-loop, manual mode can be initiated if the sensor fails. Front panel electronic calibration sensor linearization self-diagnostic capabilities and cold junction compensation are all performed by the single chip microprocessor. The in-panel depth is only 2-1/2".
FuzzyLogic 1/8 DIN Temperature Controller Heat/Cool Controllers Features:

        Automatic tuning of PID parameters
        Selectable input
        Dual heating and/or cooling outputs with 2 alarms
        ºF or ºC display. Dual display. Sealed mylar front panel
        Security code protection, automatic manual mode operation
        All control parameters adjustable from front panel
        3 year warranty. 2-1 /2" in panel depth

Specifications-Fuzz Logic 1 /8 DIN Temperature Controller Heat/Cool Controllers:
Thermocouple:          Type J,K.T.B.E,R,S,N selectable

RTD:                           PT 100ohm (DIN or JIS)

Linear:                      -10-60mV Configurable input or voltage or current

Display:                     Temperature or engineering units
OUTPUTS:                 Single output with 2 optional independent alarms
                                  Heating and cooling outputs with 2 optional Alarms

Relay:                      SPST relay rated 3A, 240V maximum resistive load

Pulsed Voltage:        32VDC,2OmA maximum ohms

Current:                   4-20mA,0-20mA maximum load 500 ohms

Voltage:                   0-10V minimum load 500K ohms

Alarms:                    8 selectable modes each alarm
                               SPST relay(s) rated 2A, 240V maximum resistive load.


Temp Range:       Selectable Set Point: -1999-3182F/-1128-1750C

Alarm Set Point:   Full Range Adjustable

Control Modes:    Controls can be configured as On/Off Proportional (P)
                            Proportional with manual reset                             
                            Proportional/Integral (PI) Proportional                             
                            Derivative (PD)                             
                            Proportional/Integral/Derivative (PID)                             
                            Heating and Cooling Proportional Band: 0-100% of span


Integral (Reset):      0-3600 seconds

Derivative(Rate):      0-1000 seconds

Anti-Reset Wind-up:  Inhibits integral action outside of proportional band.

Cooling:                    Adjustable deadband from-10 to + 10% of cooling proportional band

Manual Mode:           Configurable as open loop control should sensor no longer function

Cycle Time:               0-120 seconds

Sensor Break
Protection:               Configurable status of control and alarms

Control Action:          Selectable-Direct action for cooling Reverse action for heating


Display:                    4 digit red 5/8" LED Process Value Display, Green 1.2" LED Set Value display
                                 Selectable decimal placement for normal or high resolution display

                                Example: 0000, 000.0, 00.00 or 0.000

ºF/ºC:                       Selectable with 2 LED indicators

Sample Rate:          250 milliseconds

Power Supply:        90-26OVAC, 50/60Hz Consumption: less than 5VA

Data Retention:     10 years (EEPROM)

Control Stability:    + -0.15% of full scale

Accuracy:               + -0.25% of range: + -1 c or 0.5C in high resolution

Cold Junction Compensation:    0.1% ambient

External Resistance:                 100 ohms maximum

Common Mode Rejection:         120dB

Normal Mode Rejection:            60dB

Input Impedance:                    10M ohms

Operating Temperature:          14-122ºF (-10-50ºC)

Humidity:                                0-90% RH(non-condensing)

Insulation:                              20M ohm minimum (5OOVDC)

Breakdown:                            2OOVAC, 50/60Hz 1 minute

Vibration:                               10-55Hz amplitude 1 mm

Shock:                                   200m/c (20g)
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