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Ceramicx Fast Infrared (IR) Systems And Solutions For Industrial Applications Like Automotive, Packaging, Thermoforming, Medical, Ovens For Glass Manufacture And Food Service. The FAST IR Infrared Heat System Was Developed By NPH Infrared Heating Partners (Ceramicx) And Process Consultants. These Compact Robust Systems Form An Ideal Installation For Quartz Heating Elements, Quartz Tungsten/Halogen Glass Tube Emitters.

Fast Infrared Heaters, Infrared Metal Enclosure and Accessories

Fast Infrared Heaters, Metal Enclosures and Accessories
 Fast Infrared Heaters and Systems:
The compact FAST IR infrared heat robust systems form an ideal installation solution for quartz infrared heating elements. High efficiency is reached by polished aluminum steel reflection and axial flow fans which reduce rear convention losses. Manufactured from aluminum the body of the FAST IR infrared heat systems can be maintained at a touch safe temperature.
Dimensions: 305 x 305mm
Tubes supplied separately.
Fast IR 305

Suitable for the fitting of 4 or 5 x 1000W Quartz tungsten/halogen heaters (QTM/QHM)

The FAST IR infrared heat system was developed by Ceramicx infrared heat consultants.

These compact robust systems form an ideal installation for quartz tungsten/halogen glass tube emitters. Optimum efficiency is achieved by highly polished aluminum steel reflection and rear mounted axial flow fans, which eliminate rear convection losses and keep the reflectors cool for better directional quality on the infrared output.

The external body which manufactured from aluminum can be maintained at "touch safe" temperature.
Please note other configurations are available on request.
UL World Globe CSA US
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