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Industrial Oven Solutions Offering Custom Energy Efficient Ceramic Infrared Ovens/Platens/Panels For The Thermoforming, Packaging And As Heaters For Paint Curing, Printing And Drying. National Plastic Heater Specializes In The Engineering And Supply Of Ovens, Control Solutions And Components For A Vast Array Of Other Industries As Well.

Ceramic Infrared Ovens/Platens/Panels

Ceramic Infrared Platens/Ovens and Custom Panels
Energy Efficient Ceramic Infrared Platens/Panels and Ovens:
Todays modern production processes require energy efficient heat. And infrared thermal technologies are highly energy efficient and precise. Most products that are manufactured today come in contact with some form of infrared radiation or another. Infrared heaters with IR technology are well-suited to a wide variety of applications and designed to transmit large amounts of energy quickly and with high efficiency. The particular wavelength of the infrared radiation has a critical effect on the effectiveness of the heating process. Infrared heaters, which are optimally matched to the materials to be heated, can provide energy savings of up to 50% over other technologies. Infrared heaters and infrared heating technology from National Plastic Heater offer significant advantages: heat exactly where it is needed, with the optimum wavelength for the product and in line with the process. NPH offers a complete range of ceramic infrared heaters for panels/platens and ovens.
Ceramic Infrared Ovens-Long Wave (Far Infrared):

           X" x Y" heated area         

           X heaters per zone for X zones of control, customer specific

           "Intelligent Infrared" uses highly efficient ceramic elements and unlimited zone control options to minimize energy usage, maximize production, and reduce scrap

           Mounting brackets as required to match existing mounting provisions

            Each heater wired back to terminal junction box on end of oven frame

           Optional pre-wired quick connect system

           Drawings and documentation for custom infrared ovens are included

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