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Cartridge Heaters Configuration Form

Use this cartridge heaters form to tell us the specifications of the exact cartridge heater you need, and we'll get a quote to you within one business day.

When the form loads, specify the dimensions and characteristics of your heater. In the "Any Additional Application Comments and Details" box, tell us how many heaters you need, how quickly you would like them to ship, and any other information you believe will help us speed your quote along. If you'd rather talk to an engineer directly, just give us a call at (877) 674-9744. You can also send us an e-mail at [email protected]

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Outside Diameter
Inserted Length
Overall Length
Lead Length
Lead Exit straight 90° copper elbow
Cartridge Heater Lead Options
Cartridge Heaters Lead Protection Options
Lead Connection Construction swaged in leads crimped on leads
Cartridge Heaters Potting Options
Special Features & Construction
Lead Termination Style
Ground Wire Yes no
Thermocouple None J K T
Thermocouple Junction Grounded Ungrounded
Thermocouple Location Disc End Center Offset
Heater Watt Density medium watt density high watt density
Lead Protection Options fiberglass-high temp sleeve-1200°F s.steel overbraid armor cable gas proof armor cable F/G leads with ceramic beads
Potting Options Ceramic potting -temp rating 1000°F/538°C Epoxy 600°F/315°C Teflon plug 450°/232°C High temp silicone 650°F/343°C
Number of Pcs. Required
Requested Delivery Date
Any additional Application Comments & Details
First Name Last Name
Company Name Position
Address City/State/Province
Zip/Postal Code Country
Phone Number Fax Number
Toll Free Number Email
Web Site OEM Distributor Process User
Quotation Request Required Delivery Date
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UL World Globe CSA US
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