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Boiler and Thermolator Immersion Heaters, (Non ANSI) Heaters:

Square Flange Immersion Heater Round Flange Boiler Immersion Heater
 Boiler (Non ANSI ) Heaters-Square Flange, 6 Elements  Boiler (Non ANSI ) Heaters-Round Flange, 6 Elements

Product Description-Boiler and Thermolator Heaters:

Square and round steel flanged electric immersion heaters are a great choice for applications requiring fast efficient electric heat. Often used as direct replacements for boilers, water storage equipment for thermolators and as standard water heaters. These heaters are available in a wide selection of rates, sizes and sheath materials. Boiler heaters are very efficient since all energy that is generated is dissipated directly to the medium which is being heated. The high watt density allows rapid heat transfer to the process. Epoxy seals provide moisture protection for the elements.  All boiler and thermolator heater models incorporate tubular heater construction welded or brazed into a carbon steel flange.

Standard boiler heaters are available in 120V, 208V, 240V and 480 V units. Single phase and three phase options are available. To guarantee sheath material and watt density compatibility with material or process being heated consult NPH. All of our boiler and thermolator heaters are CSA/NRTL and UL approved.

Boiler Thermolator Heaters:

Thermolator Heater-Round Flange Thermolator Heater-Copper Sheated Elements
Boiler Heaters-Round Flange-3 Elements  Boiler/Thermolator Heaters-Square Flange-3 Elements

Boiler and Thermolator (Non ANSI) Heaters: Specifications, Manuals, Technical Letters & Tips:

 Flanged Immersion Heaters Specifications Boiler Thermolator Immersion Heaters Specifications.pdf
 How to Extend the Life of Your Immersion Heater-2 How to Extend the Life of Your Boiler Thermolator Immersion Heater-2.pdf
Applications Guide: Boiler Thermolator ImmImmersion Heaters
  • Hot Water Storage Tanks    
  • Warming Equipment    
  • Heating & Preheating All Grades of Oil
  • Cleaning and Rinsing Tanks   
  • Heat Transfer Systems   
  • Boiler Equipment    
  • Freeze Protection of Fluids  
  • Petro-Chemical   
  • Oil Heating Loops

Standard Construction Features:

Elements Materials — Copper, Steel, 304/316 Stainless Steel, Incoloy
Number of Elements in Flanges — 3 and  6,
Element Diameter — 0.315" – 0.430"
Watt Density — 6.5, 15, 23, 45, 75W/in2
Flange - Materials - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,
Flange Rating – NON ANSI  Flange
NON ANSI Flange Sizes Square -  4 ½" and 5 ½"
NON ANSI Round Flanges- Custom Sizes

High Conductivity Elements -

Filled with highest purity blends of magnesium oxide refractory (MgO) compacted to rock hard density to insure maximum thermal conductivity and maximum electrical resistance, and assure long element life.
Heavy Coil Construction - Watt density on the heating coil is designed for low watt density operation by increasing the coil diameter and length to give maximum coil surface area and limit coil surface temperature, providing longer coil life.
Grounding Connector Standard - A solid terminal connector is standard on all NPH immersion heaters insuring positive ground and personal safety.

Special Features Available:

Kilowatt Ratings – 50 KW and above available


Materials - 316, 321, 347 stainless steel. Inconel, Incoloy
Ratings   NON ANSI Flanges-Round & Square
Sizes  - Please contact NPH for other materials or ratings.
Elements Materials  - 316, 321, 347 stainless steel. Inconel. Other materials available, please contact NPH
Other Features - Underwriters Laboratories U.L./CSA listing available. Consult NPH.

National Plastic Heater Corrosion Policy:

NPH cannot warrant any electric immersion heater against failure by sheath corrosion if such failure is the result of operating conditions beyond the control of the heater manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make the ultimate choice of sheath material based on his knowledge of chemical composition of corrosive solution, character of materials entering the solution, and controls which he maintains on the process. * Not intended for use in hazardous locations.

How To Order Boiler/Thermolator Heaters:

UL World Globe CSA US
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