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 Axial Clamp/Cam Lock Mini Coil Heaters & Flange/Screw Operated Clamping Coil Heaters:

Cam Lock/Axial Clamp Mini Coil heater
Flange Lock-Up/Closure for Mini Coil Heaters
        Axial Clamp/Cam Lock Mini Coil Heater                                             Flange/Screw Operated Coil Heaters
 Axial clamp mini coil heaters are a proven performer for high cavitation applications including pre-forms, caps and closures, and razors. Nexthermal axial clamp heaters positively lock on the nozzle ensuring excellent heat transfer and durability. Adjustments can be made with a single front facing allen screw, greatly simplifying tightening and removal.
With flat mini coils in direct contact with the injection molding nozzle NPH's axial clamp heaters can be wound with more heater coils closer to the edge. This configuration improves responsiveness and heat profile.

National Plastic Heaters, Benefits and Advantages:

  •     Positive locking positioning
  •     Anti-Seize Coating for ease of removal
  •     Replaceable external thermocouple
  •     Profiled for more heat at the Tip
  •     Caps and Closure Applications
  •     Also used in Plastic molding for the cosmetic industry

Technical Specifications: 

  •     Heater Sheath: CrNi Steel
  •     High Voltage Stability: 800VAC
  •     Insulation Resistance: >= 5M ohm at 500 VDC (Cold)
  •     Leakage Current: <= 0.5 mA at 250VAC (Cold)
  •     Wattage Tolerance: +/- 2%, +/- 4%, or +/-10%
  •     Maximum Voltage: 250V
  •     Standard Connection: 72" Teflon to 500 deg. F

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