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Analytical Instrumentation Heaters For Instrumentation, Laboratory, Medical Devices, Scientific, Printer And Photographic Industries

Medical Heaters, Instrumentation Heaters, Medical Device Heaters

              Instrumentation Heaters with Insulation                      Analytical Instrumentation Heaters with Connectors
             Silicone Instrumentation Heaters with Insulation                 Analytical Instrumentation Heaters & Connector
           Medical Device Heater                   Analytical Device Heater
               Medical Device Heater with Thermal Fuse                         Analytical Device Silicone Heater With Sensor
           Custom Analitycal Device Silicone Heater With Temperature Sensors
          Custom Manufactured Analytical Instrumentation, Medical Device, Laboratory & Freeze Protection Heaters
          Pre-formed Custom Analytical Device Silicone Heater           Freeze Protection & Condensation Prevention Analytical Device Silicone Rubber Heaters
                      Analytical Instrumentation Heaters                           Freeze Protection & Condensation Prevention
        Medical Device Kapton Polyimide Thermal Circuits               Analytical Instrumentation Kapton Flex. Circuits
          Instrumentaion Polyimide Heater With  3M PSA                    Kapton Flexible Heater Circuit With Notches
National Plastic Heater, Sensor and Control Inc. designs, engineers and custom produces flexible heaters for many industries. Below you can find some of the industries we have become excellent in providing solutions and serving with our silicone rubber and kapton polyimide thermal circuits.

Scientific & Analytical Instrumentation Heaters

Medical Device Industry

Laboratory Analytical Equipment
Flexible Heaters for many outdoor applications requiring heat and the elemination of condesation from electronic devices and   equipment like, surveillance cameras lenses and outdoor LCD screens. Obviously, it's important for this equipment to be mechanically sound and reliable for extended periods of time. NPH flexible heaters help to keep temperatures of these devices and equipment at a much more stable environment, which not only eliminates problems, it helps designers manage tolerances and variation much easier.

Instrumentation heaters for freeze protection of military hardware, aircraft instrumentation, hydraulic equipment, etc.

Satellite and communication equipment

Battery heating


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